Upgrading of Chikwawa – Chapananga Road (Construction of Chapananga Bridge)

    15 June 2017

The 47Km long Chikwawa Chapamanga road is part of the link on the 109 kilometer Chikwawa Mwanza (S136) road. Chikwawa is a hub of Malawi’s sugar production and the famous tourist attaraction hosting Majete Game Reserve and Lengwe National Park. On the other end Mwanza is the border district linking Malawi and Mozambique.

Following the successful completion of the first five kilometers from Chikwawa Boma up to Mthumba trading center, attention was shifted to contruction of the 180meter long Chapananga Bridge over Mwanza River.

The bridge is expected to be completed in September 2017.

To date  surfacing of five kilometers of the road , and 50% of bridge works have been done.