Chiringa-Muloza Road Project

    28 November 2018

The Chiringa-Muloza road is an important road project because it is one of the key stretches that is key to connecting trade routes.The road begins at Chiringa, then continues southwards along the eastern foot of the Mulanje Massif closely following the existing T415 road alignment, crossing several rivers and streams and finally joining the M2 road at Muloza, near the border post with Mozambique. This route is so important for trade and the road will facilitate easy movement of goods and people thereby boosting trade and tourism.

The plan of the Government is to modernize the road and construct approximately 20 kilometres of road to bitumen standard.

 The project will be done in 2 phases. The first section to be constructed under phase 1 is that from Muloza to Muloza Bridge, a stretch of about twenty (20) kilometers.

The road will comprise a 6.0 metre wide carriageway and 1.0 metre shoulders. The surfacing will comprise bituminous single sealing with 13.2 mm aggregate and Slurry (Cape Seal) over the carriage way and shoulders to an overall width of 8.0 metres. The road base will be constructed using crushed stone while sub-base will be constructed using naturally occurring lateritic gravel.  The pavement will comprise of; 150mm crushed stone base, 250mm subbase of naturally lateritic gravel  and a selected layer of 150mm of granular soils CBR > 15%.

Drainage works on the road include construction of 3 No. reinforced concrete bridges the largest being a two span by 16 metres bridge across Muloza River, 21 No. box culverts of various sizes, installation of about 72 lines of 900mm and about 7 lines of 750mm precast concrete pipe culverts.

 Ancillary works will include: construction of junctions and accesses; road signs and marking; construction of bus bays; and installation of guard rails, kerbs, and marker posts.

Construction Period

The estimated implementation time for the project is Eighteen (18) calendar months.