Mzimba-Mzalangwe Road Project

    28 November 2018

The Malawi Government will embark on a project to construct the road from  Mzimba – Eswazini -Mzarangwe. This is a section on the main road designated (M022).The road is approximately 45km and will be constructed to bitumen standard.

This is one of the key roads in the Northern Region of Malawi as a trade route for movement of people, goods and services.

The road starts from Mzimba Boma at the junction between M009/M022 and meets S107 at Mtangatanga Turn Off. The M022 continues from Mtangatanga Turn Off and ends at the junction with M001 at Mtangatanga. From Mtangatanga Turn Off, the S107 road passes through Mzarangwe and Kafukule and meets T308 at Ezondweni within Mtwalo Area. From Ezondweni the T308 crosses T309 at Engucwini and ends at the junction with M24 at Njakwa. Out of 24km of the Mzimba – Mtangatanga (M22) road section, 15.4km has been upgrading to bitumen standard with the remainder still an earth road. The current project intends to complete the outstanding works on M022 up to Mtangatanga and upgrade a section of S107 road up to Mzarangwe Turn Off.

The road will comprise a 6.0 metre wide carriageway and 1.0 metre shoulders. The surfacing will comprise bituminous single sealing with 19 mm aggregate and 10mm Slurry (Cape Seal) over the carriage way and shoulders to an overall width of 8.0 metres. The road base and sub base  layers will be constructed using naturally occurring lateritic gravel. The pavement will comprise of; 150mm base > 80% CBR, 150mm subbase > 30% of naturally lateritic gravel  and a selected layer of 150mm of granular soils CBR > 15%.

Drainage works on the road include construction of reinforced concrete box culverts of various sizes, installation of about 1090m of 900mm and about 436m of 600mm precast concrete pipe culverts.

Ancillary works will include: construction of junctions and accesses; road signs and marking; construction of bus bays; and installation of guard rails, kerbs, and marker posts.

Construction Period

The estimated implementation time for the project is Eighteen (18) calendar months.