Roads Authority presses for standards

    11 September 2014

The Roads Authority (RA) has awarded 151 contracts to contractors for the 2014/15 rehabilitation of roads and bridges across the country at a total price of K4.8 billion, but the authority has warned that it will be strict on standards of work with intent to sideline lousy companies.

The RA’s new Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Hiwa, said on Tuesday that there is a lot of substandard road construction works that are being done by small contractors hence a number of measures have been employed to control quality of works.

Hiwa addressed some contractors when unveiling this year’s contracts on the rehabilitation works in all regions of the country that have already been started.

“We want serious contractors and anyone who’ll not be serious will not be considered for contracts. A score sheet method has been started and all those with poor quality work in our records will not be considered for future work,” Hiwa said.

The Authority has received K8 billion for maintenance and rehabilitation of roads and bridges from the Roads Fund which collects road levy.

However, government has also allocated K7 billion from this year’s proposed national budget towards the same activities this year and Hiwa said all these funds are meant for quality works expected from the contractors.

Some contractors expressed concerns about late payments by RA which they said affect progress and quality of works but this was quickly trashed by Hiwa who said contractors should be serious about the contracts.

He said like any other business one needs to have a working capital saying such issues are also considered for one to qualify for award of contracts where bank loan certificates are required.