DSCN0107Welcome to the Malawi Roads Authority website.

The Malawi Roads Authority (RA) is a quasi government body which was established by an Act of Parliament in year 2006 with a mandate to ensure that public roads are maintained, rehabilitated at all times. The network is made up of Main Roads, Secondary Roads, Tertiary Roads ending with trucks and trails on the lowest level.

In Malawi, the National Road Network is under the Ministry of Works and Public Infrastructure. The Minister has however delegated the duty of looking after the various classes of roads to various road agencies and the RA looks after the Main Secondary and Tertiary network throughout the country.

To better manage the network and respond to emergencies in good time, RA has sub-divided the network along the Administrative Regions of the country and established an office to look after it. Regional office North looks after all the network in the North of Malawi. Similarly, the Central and Southern Regional offices look after the network in their respective Regions while the Head office which is located centrally in Lilongwe deals with policy and strategy.

This website has been established to publicize the activities of RA. It is a medium through which the public (the general public, stakeholders, development partners, government etc.) is informed and updated on what is happening on the Malawi Road Network.

It is hoped that the information found here is useful and informative. We have however, within the page, provided for a feedback mechanism from you, the visitors where you may suggest any improvements in terms of content and quality of information posted.

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