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The Roads Authority Management

The Roads Authority is headed by a Chief Executive Officer. There are four Departmental Directors - Construction, Planning, Maintenance, Finance & Administration. This is senior management which deals with policy and strategy. Below the Directors are middle managenemt that ensure policy implementation.

Senior Management

Trevor Hiwa, Chief Executive Officer
Engineer Trevor Hiwa
Chief Executive Officer

Engineer Trevor Hiwa was appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Roads Authority from 1st July, 2014.

He holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and a Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Malawi – The Polytechnic. He has 22 years experience working in Malawi and six other African countries at different technical and management levels.

Engineer Hiwa has worked for public as well as private institutions, including: Water Department, Department of Mines, Cogefar – Construction of Tedzani II Hydro Electric Power Project, LSC Brunette and Partners, TM Civil Engineering, Maccaferri (SA) UWP Consulting (SA), Romana Civil Engineers and Infracon Ltd.

He is a Professional Engineer, a member of the Malawi Institute of Engineers as well as an Associate member of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers. Email:

Benjamin KapotezaEngineer Benjamin Kapoteza
Director of Construction

Eng Benjamin Chilaka Kapoteza has 29 years of experience in the design and supervision of construction of roads, bridges and buildings in Malawi, 13 years of which have been at management level. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the University of Malawi, a BSc. Civil Engineering from University of Jodhpur (India) and a Master of Civil Engineering (Road Pavement Technology) from the University of Stellenbosch (RSA). Eng Kapoteza is also a Professional/Registered Engineer and a Selected Registered Engineer on the Malawi Board of  Engineers (MBE) and a Member of Malawi Institution of  Engineers (MwIE).

As Director of Construction Eng Kapoteza is responsible for implementation and management of road construction projects. Email:

Adrian MthiniEngineer Adrian Mthini
Director of Maintenance

Eng Adrian Allison Mthini is a Registered (Professional) engineer and a member of Malawi Board of Engineers. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Concrete Technology, Construction & Management from the University of Dundee, Scotland and a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada.

Eng Mthini has over 20 years of post-graduate experience in the design and construction supervision of complex concrete & steel structures, roads, boreholes and buildings. He also has extensive experience in planning, organisation and management of roads/bridges maintenance and rehabilitation, based on computerised management system.

Prior to joining Roads Authority in May 1999 Eng Mthini worked for Ministry of Works, Malawi Social Action Fund and Rhein - Ruhr Consulting Engineers. Email:

Auda MsiskaAuda Msiska (Mrs.)
Director of Finance and Administration

Auda Msiska is a certified public accountant and joined Roads Authority in January 2000 as Chief Accountant before rising to the position of Director of Finance and Administration. She holds a MBA from Jackson State University, Mississippi, USA and a BComm (Accountancy) from the University of Dar-es-salaam (Tanzania). Auda is a member of Society of Accountant in Malawi (SOCAM) and a Member of Eastern, Central and Southern African Federation of Accountants.

Auda previously worked for TEVET as Director of Finance and National Family Welfare Council of Malawi as Chief Accountant. She was also an External Auditor under Tanzania Audit Corporation. Email:



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