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Ongoing Road Projects

Mzimba – Eswazini – Kafukule - Ekwendeni Road and Ezondweni -
Njakwa  Spur (S107/T309)

Ekwendeni – Ezondweni - Mtwalo Section

The project is for upgrading of 25 km Ekwendeni – Ezondweni - Mtwalo section from earth to Bitumen Standard Class II road.  The civil works contract was awarded to FARGO Limited.  The start date is 17th March 2008 and the initial completion date of 17th April 2010 which was revised to 30th October 2011 is being further revised to 30th June 2012 because of shortage of diesel and increased quantities of work items. 

The initial contract amount was MWK1, 889,853,908.07 but was revised to MK3, 112,210976. 52 due to additional works in terms of quantities and time related costs arising from the extension of the project duration. The contract amount was further revised to MK4, 577,209,423.56 and this has now been processed to enable completion of the works. The overall progress is   93%.  Surfacing of the road is at km18+000.  The contractor has most of the materials on site to complete the works if payments are made on the outstanding invoices. There maybe another addendum estimated at MWK1, 042,902,781.24, because the interest charges on the outstanding payments are eroding the funds meant for the works.

Mzimba - Mzalangwe Road Section

The project is for upgrading of 62 km of the road from Mzimba boma to Mzalangwe from earth to Bitumen Standard Classes I and II. This is because the first part of the road is a main road that goes up to Mtangatanga, while the second part is a secondary road from Mtangatanga Turn-off up to Mzalangwe. 

The civil works contract was awarded to Fargo Limited for an amount of MK7,126,974,102.35 for an initial duration of 36 months starting from 1st May 2009 to 31st April 2012. This has been revised to 16th November 2012.  The overall progress is at 12.1 %.   The progress status is at this level because of the challenges being experienced which include shortage of forex and unsteady fuel supplies and delayed payments. The works are still within the contract amount.

Lumbadzi – Dowa - Chezi Road (M7/M16) 

The project is for upgrading of 34 km Lumbadzi-Dowa-Chezi road from earth to Bitumen Standard Class I.  The civil works contract was awarded to Cilcon Limited on 17th March 2008 for a contract amount of MK3, 131,443,588.90 and a contract period of 36 months.

The works later included works on construction of St. Gabriel Hospital road at Namitete.
The Contractor has been instructed to concentrate on the Lumbadzi-Dowa section. He has only done some bridges and bush clearing beyond the boma. An additional funding of MWK1, 1536,409,628.67will be needed to complete the section up to Dowa Boma. This figure has increased from the previous amount of MWK950, 787,536.00 because of interest charges, revision of prices and time related costs. Another MWK2.0 billion will be required to complete the works up to Chezi.

This is one of the priority projects which was agreed to be completed up to Dowa boma, but the additional funding has not been confirmed by government yet. Overall progress is 61.%.

The supervision consultant is Royal Associates at an amount of MWK144, 326,952.00, and has been revised to MK290,130,888.00 to cover the additional assignments such as those on the Namitete road. The contract amount is further being revised to accommodate the 21 months Extension of Time which was granted to the Works Contract.  Certification to date is at MWK225,369,939.00.

Chiringa - Miseu Folo - Chiradzulu Road (S145)

The project is for upgrading of 80 km Chiringa - Miseu Folo - Chiradzulu road (S145) as well as a 10 km section between Migowi and Phalombe (S147) to Bitumen Standard Class I and also an 11 km Nguludi – PIM - Chiradzulu road to Bitumen Standard Class II road. The civil works contract was awarded to Mota-Engil on 17th March 2008 for a contract amount of MWK6, 448,493,888.66 including the works on the Migowi - Phalombe section which was not in the original contract.

The contract period has been extended by 19.8 months and has been revised from 1st August 2011 to 25th March 2013. The funds in the contract have been exhausted and the government has directed that the works be done up to Chiradzulu Boma. The project requires additional MWK 8,189,222,946.34 The overall progress is at 48%.

The contract for the design review and supervision of the construction works was awarded to EMC Jatula Associates in association with Connex Consultants at a contract amount of MWK188, 733,187.50, which was revised to MWK385, 587,467.56 to cover the extended civil works duration, rate adjustment, and additional personnel.

An addendum for supervision during the 19.8 months amounting to MK293, 310,281.03 has been prepared and is awaiting ODPP’s no objection.

Msulira – Nkhotakota Road Game Reserve Section

The project is for the rehabilitation of the 33 km failed road section in Nkhotakota Game Reserve. The Civil Works contract amounting to MWK2, 417,137,339.00 was awarded to Shire Construction Company Ltd. This was revised to MWK4, 085,292,483.62 due to additional works, long material haulage distance than planned, and price escalation.  The completion of the works was re-scheduled to 1st December 2011, due to continued diesel and forex shortage in addition to delayed payments to the contractor. A further request for extension of time of performance to 21st June 2012 has been submitted by the contractor, because of the same challenges which are not improving. An interim approval of the extension of time has been granted while waiting for finalization of fuel shortage claims which have been discussed with the contractor. The evaluation indicates that the contractor is entitled to Extension of Time due to diesel shortages only up to 8th December 2011, and an extra Extension of Time due to adverse rainfall takes the completion to 2nd January 2012. This is still being discussed.

Certification is MWK3, 699,968,422.00. There is MWK413, 337,902.00 outstanding payment to the contractor.   The physical progress is   52.6%. The contract amount has been exhausted. There is need for further additional amount of MWK1.36 billion to complete the works because the funds including first addendum has been exhausted.    This project could easily be completed if additional funds are available. If left uncompleted, the road will be rendered inaccessible because whatever earthworks has been done will be destroyed by weather and traffic.

The supervision contract was awarded to Bua Consultants at the sum of MWK61, 210,325.00 and was revised to MWK153,623,568.47  through Addendum No. 2 to cover extension of time as the site cannot be left without a supervisor. Certification is at MWK163, 874,971.00 and there is an outstanding payment of MWK28, 946,789.00  to  the consultant. 

Jenda - Edingeni Road Project 

The project is for upgrading of 69 km road from earth to bitumen standard Class I as first phase of the project which is expected to continue to Euthini and Rumphi. The estimated cost of the works is MWK9, 949,832,411.5, while the supervision consultancy is estimated at  MWK313,707,775.00.  The phase 1   works was not started waiting for identification of additional funding. Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has made available MWK1, 600,000,000.00 for the project while government has provided MWK2,350,000,000.00 in the 2011/2012 financial year. The Abu Dhabi Fund has requested government to confirm other sources of funds before starting procurement of contractor and consultant as per the condition in the Financing Agreement.

Rehabilitation of Selected Lilongwe Urban Roads - MABARM

This project was for the resealing and rehabilitation of about 43.26km of selected roads in the city of Lilongwe at a contract amount of 3,048,669.60 Euros.  The project was planned to be completed by end of February 2008, but due to change in scope of work it was extended to end of March 2008.  The project is 100% completed.  Malawi Government funded some of the additional works amounting to MWK101.2 million.  A Final Statement of Account (FSA) has been prepared, and discussed with the Contracting Authority (CA). The CA has reviewed RA’s determination reducing the amount of money due to the contractor, and communicated to the contractor and EU.

Rehabilitation and Resealing of Lilongwe - Nsipe Road (M1) Section

This project is for the sectional rehabilitation and resealing of the Lilongwe – Nsipe road and the contractor is Mota-Engil.  The contract amount is 7,623,059.01 Euros, and the commencement date is 11th November 2008. The original completion date was 11th November 2010.  To date, certification is 7,160,772.38 Euros without including revision of price which is paid for outside the Contract Amount. The EDF part is 99% complete and soon we shall have a joint inspection to prepare a snag list for contractor to rectify before provisional acceptance is done.

The GoM contract progress of the permanent works is 27.5%.    The completion date   was discussed with the contractor and agreed be  to  31st October  2011 because of the additional works and diesel shortage effects.  The initial review for the scope of works showed further signs of additional pavement deterioration and a Falling Weight Deflectometer survey confirmed that the pavement on 75% of the road section was distressed and needed to be reworked, a revision which is beyond the scope of works contained in the existing 9th EDF Financing Agreement.  Malawi Government has confirmed counterpart funding for the additional works which has increased the section to be rehabilitated from 6 km to 33 km, resealing from 60 km to 127 km and shoulder resealing of entire 160 km on both sides.  The additional funds required for increased the scope of works is 11.12 million Euros which is  being covered under government funded contract that  was signed already. The contractor applied for a further Extension of Time of 164 days due to diesel shortage. This has been reviewed, and a Claims Resolution Meeting was held to finalise determination of the claims.The Claims have been resolved and Financial Claim was reduced from €2,269,454.47 to €779,081.00. Out of this, €254,812.00 is payable by EU, and this has been communicated to EU. The GoM will pay €524,269.00. The Contract period was extended to 30th November 2012. The GOM financial contribution to the project is being certified separately commencing with works done in January 2011. Time related costs from 1st September 2010 the date EU contract duration expired, have been transferred from previous EU IPCs to the GOM IPCs.  Certification up to 31st March 2012 was €6,136,151.85 including VAT.

The Supervising consultant is Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & Company at a contract price of 640,565.00 Euros, which was revised to 951,690.00 Euro to cater for his input during the extended time. EU only financed the supervision contract up to end of August 2011. From 1st September 2011 to project completion it is being funded from the GOM component. The consultant has been asked to draft a contract with GoM for the period up to completion of the Works Contract, but he will use the same rates as in the EU funded contract. This will be paid in Malawi kwacha.

Rehabilitation and Resealing of the Chikhwawa - Nchalo - Bangula Road (M1)

The project is for the sectional resealing, rehabilitation and re-construction of the Chikwawa – Nchalo – Bangula road and the contractor is Mota-Engil. The initial contract amount is 16,092,115.13 Euros. The commencement date is 24th November 2008 and initial completion date was 23rd November 2010.  After undertaking a resurvey and redesign, the consultant produced detailed pavement design and drainage system respectively.  The Roads Authority recommended the most economical option considering the limitations on the funding which government has to provide in addition to the EU funding in order to cover the costs for additional works which has been estimated at about   27.432.00 million Euro with tax. This would reduce to 23,99 million Euro if  GOM accepted  the use of  duty free facility which is on the EU Funded component.   The final   documents consisting design drawings and bill of quantities  were prepared and the  RA is the process of  submitting the documents to Ministry of Finance for confirmation of the funds and Ministry of Justice for review of legal issues. It is important that government urgently makes a decision to confirm availability of funds so that   a locally funded contract can be signed with the contractor.  The contractor has partially completed rehabilitation and resealing of a total of 39.44 km, from Chikwawa to Nchalo. It is expected that EDF funding will cover all works from km 35 + 000 to the end at km 81 + 740 while GOM funded component will cover the section between km 0+00 to km 35 + 000

The overall progress of permanent works for the EU portion, i.e. up to Ngabu is 72%. The claims that were submitted on fuel shortage have been assessed and resolved. However, further claim for diesel shortage and another claim for accommodating works up to km 35 at Ngabu have been submitted by the contractor and are being assessed internally.

The supervising consultant is Grontmij/Carlo Bro for an amount of 1,142,700.00 Euros, which was later revised to 1,187,920.00 Euro.  This was revised to take into account the redesign costs and costs for supervision of the additional scope of works under EU funding. EU is considering to extend the funding of the consultancy to include supervision of part of the GOM contract. The draft contract for the section from Bangula to Ngabu at km 35 + 000 has been submitted to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance for vetting.

Mchinji - Kawere Road Project

The project is for upgrading of the 26 km road from earth to Bitumen Low Volume Sealed Road. The civil works contractor is Raubex of Zambia at an amount of  €7,259,687.17.  This is estimated to be exceeded because of the increased quantities in earthworks which were being assessed by the consultant, and the estimated amount now is 8,142,000.00 Euro for billed works. However, the effects of diesel shortage resulting in idle time claims and extension of time are that the estimated cost to completion is €10,789,000. The EU has provided extra €2.0 million to cover both Works and Supervision contracts. This is not adequate to complete the works hence the need for additional MK200.00 million to come from GOM. This has been included in the 2012/13 budget.   Certification was at €5,892,933.35 with outstanding payment of about €400,00.00 without including Revision of Price.

The initial performance period was 18 months commencing on 24th May 2010 and scheduled for completion on 24th November 2011. The contractor submitted a claim for extension of the performance period of 12 months based on the additional works. This has been evaluated and together with claimed diesel shortage days, it has been recommended that an extension of time be granted to the contractor bringing the completion date to  end July 2012.  Progress is 65% while time lapse as per revised completion date is 76%.  When surfacing begins the progress will increase, and the completion date may be achieved. The diesel shortage claimhas been discussed and settled amicably. The dispute for measurement of earthworks was also discussed and settled amicably by introducing a new bill item on fill material at an agreed rate. Diesel shortage claims will not be expected because the contractor now has an importation license for fuel.

The supervision contract was awarded to Nicholas O’dwyer at a contract value of 625,825.00 Euro, which has been revised to €961,275.00 to cater for supervision during the extended period. Certification is  at €567,378.00.


Karonga - Chitipa Road (M26) Republic of China (Taiwan)

This project is for the construction of the 101 km Karonga - Chitipa Road (M26) to Bitumen Standard Class I road. The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) offered USD45 million for the project in 2006, of which USD 15 million was a grant, while the rest was a loan.

When Government closed diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2008, the contract was terminated. A local consultant was engaged to finalize assessment of costs required to compensate the contractor.  A Final Report of the assessment was discussed and an agreement  reached that the contractor be paid USD3.2 million.  The payment to Chaser Construction Company is still outstanding and  accruing interest due to the delays

Completion of the Karonga - Chitipa Road (M26) with funds from People’s Republic of China. 

This project is for the completion of the construction of 101 km Karonga - Chitipa Road (M26) to Bitumen Standard Class I road. Following the termination of the first contract between Chaser and Malawi Government, the People’s Republic of China took over the project soon after establishing diplomatic relations with Malawi in 2008.  The works contract was awarded to China Road and Bridge Corporation (CR&BC) to complete the first 13 km section between Karonga and Mwesya bridge.  The contractor has completed the first phase and is currently working on the second phase where all major structures and earthworks are completed. Pavement layers are in progress with stone crushing for pavement layers and surfacing chippings in advanced stage. The project completion date is going to extend to October 2012 due to intermittent fuel supply.  The Contractor is arranging direct importation of diesel through PIL, hence the diesel and fuel supply to the project may improve.  The total contract value is USD70 million.

The overall progress is 80.3%. The completion date has been changed from 28th September 2011 to 31st December, 2012 because of diesel shortage and change in pavement design from natural gravel to crushed stone.

The design consultant is China Highway Planning and Design Institute (HPDI), but they operate under the contractor since the project is basically for design and build.

Theft of materials including diesel which has been a problem for some time has reduced substantially. Roads Authority with support of the Police and the District Commissioners has assisted the contractor through awareness campaigns to minimize the incident.  The relocation of electricity poles,  water mains, and MTL lines has also been completed.


Zomba - Jali - Phalombe - Chitakale Road (S143/S147)

The project is for the Construction of the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakale Road, about 102 km in length to Bitumen Standard Class I, for a contract amount of USD 57,093,385.05. The main contractor is M.A. Kharafi and Sons. The project was scheduled for completion by end May 2008 but was extended because the works were affected by shortage of basic materials such as cement, steel, bitumen and fuel and cash-flow problems due to delayed payments. The progress remains at 75%, but there is need to do more work when the project resumes because some sections will have to be reprocessed as their condition has been affected by the rains.

Government has been looking for funds amounting to USD33.83 for the outstanding works as assessed by the RA. Two development partners have already come forward with  some funding whereby  BADEA has pledged USD4.0 million and Kuwait Fund USD10 million .  The process of procuring a supervising consultant has been completed whereby Saoud Al Muhana Dar Consulting Engineers has been approved by BADEA but the contract is yet to be finalised.

Since there are claims that were raised by the contractor, but supervising consultant did not assess, a Claims Expert is  assessing  the claims. The claims are on contractual damages arising from client’s failure to effect some payments in time, and delays in sourcing funds for continuation of the project which made it impossible for the contractor to perform. 

The contractor and government agreed that USD22.00 million be paid immediately for the contractor to resume the works. Government has allocated MWK550.0 million in the 2011/12 budget from which payments can be started. The RFA has been reminded to start making the payments so that the contractor can resume the works since the consultant has been procured.


Thyolo - Thekerani - Muona - Bangula Road (S151)

The project is for the Construction of the 92 km Thyolo - Thekerani - Muona - Bangula Road to Bitumen Standard Class 1 including several bridges, box and Armco culverts at a contract amount of USD 64,145,514.57.  The contractor is M.A Kharafi and Sons. The project officially started on 29th February 2008 and was planned to run up to 28th February 2011. The contractor mobilized some resources to site and had started works on bush clearing and grubbing from Makwasa towards Thekerani. About 7 km of the road section had been cleared. However, the works could not continue because there were no funds for the project.

The   government ratified the loan agreements with BADEA, OFID, Kuwait Fund and Saudi Fund following the approval of the loans by Parliament.  A consultant to review the designs and supervise the works has been procured and he is  reviewing the designs.  Government has paid the Part II of the Advance Working Capital and the Part I component is being processed whereby GOM has submitted a disbursement   application to the development partners. It is expected that the contractor will remobilise as soon as the Part I is paid. Camp sites have been identified, one at Masambanjati and the other at the Thyolo boma. A third site is still being explored.

There is an existing agreement that government should pay USD2,419,801.40 to the contractor for the works that he carried out, and idle time arising from the suspension of the works. The works will be assessed and certified by the new supervising consultant. The contractor is revising the figure on suspension costs every month and also charging interest. Since government has engaged a Claims Expert, he is assessing all the claims arising from suspension and idle time.

The original contract amount of the project is USD64,145,514.57 which was meant to cover 92km. The revised contract amount factoring in the rate adjustment of 43.75 % is USD 92,209,177.19 for the original scope of the works.  This would need USD28,063,662.62 additional funds to  the original contract amount. However, government has decided that the project should end at  Makhanga because from there to Bangula there is another project. The revised length of the project   from Thyolo to Makhanga is 82km. This stretch of the road will require USD82,186,440.53 using the revised rates. This implies that  to complete the revised scope of works there is need for USD18,040,925.96 additional funds to the original contract amount. The length of the road that can be completed with the original contract amount using the revised rates would be 64km as opposed to the 82km.


Liwonde - Naminga Road

The project is for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the 25 km Liwonde - Naminga Road at a contract sum of USD22,675,250.00 awarded to Kharafi and Sons. The start date was 29th February 2008 and the completion date was 28th February 2009.  The contractor mobilized his resources to site and set out centre line of the road from Liwonde. Bush clearing and some earthworks were carried out in the escarpment where the road has been realigned to improve the horizontal curves. The road widening had also been carried out near Malawi Railways station. Forestry Department allowed the contractor to work within the road corridor. The contract duration will have to be revised because there is a lot more earthworks in the escarpment to be done, and also because the project has been on suspension for some time.

The contractor mobilized adequate plant including aggregate crushing plant. Since the contractor suspended the works because he was not being paid, it was agreed with government that payment of USD7,635,287.60 be made to the contractor for idle time and the work that was done prior to suspension of activities on site.  The RFA has indicated outstanding certificate of MWK87,764,00.00. Government  has allocated MWK14,662,500 in the 2011/12 financial year and there is also  development partners contribution of  MWK1.0 billion from the 2010/11 financial.  The RFA  has been reminded to start paying the outstanding certificate. Claims are to be assessed by the Claims Expert. The RA is in the process of procuring another consultant in readiness of the restart of the project when contractor resumes activities as soon as government settles the outstanding payments. 


South Rukuru Bridge

The project is for construction of a 74 m long new bridge across South Rukuru River on M1 road in Rumphi District, estimated to cost ¥776,000,000.00 awarded to Dai Nippon Construction under supervision of Central Consultant Inc.. The consultancy contract is ¥105,200,000.00.  The site was handed over to the contractor on 4th October 2010 and the project was initially  to  run up to 1st May 2012 but  is being revised to September 2012 due to substructure design modification,  fuel and cement shortage. The works are in progress whereby earthworks on the approaches are completed up to formation level. All precast beams, both abutments and piers are complete.  The progress  is  at 60 %  but behind schedule by 12 weeks because of shortage of cement and diesel. On the issue of diesel supply rate, the contractor is making arrangements with MERA to directly import the diesel.

Upgrading and Dualisation of Masauko Chipembere Highway in the City
of  Blantyre.

The project is for rehabilitation of the existing dual carriageway between Chichiri roundabout and Yannekis, and the dualisation of the remaining section up to the start of the Robert Mugabe Highway.  The total project length is 4.3 km. The works are in progress at a contract sum of Japan ¥ 830.00 million being carried out by Nippo Corporation. The consultancy contract is Japan ¥ 67.545 million awarded to Katahira & Engineers International.  The project start was 5th December 2010 and   was initially scheduled for completion on 15th  December 2011.  This date is being revised to 15th October 2012.  The progress is about 12.40%. The project is under suspension understandably because JICA, the contractor and Japanese government are discussing the possibility of reducing the scope of works.

The contractor terminated his agreement with sub-contractor, and is reported to be in a process of engaging another sub-contractor. The RA and Blantyre City Council are maintaining the road and diversion while waiting for the contractor to resume his activities. The agreement is that the main contractor will reimburse the City Council and RA for the maintenance works being carried out. Government is funding the section between Ilovo roundabout and Thyolo road roundabout. The section is being designed by Romana Consultants


Lilongwe City West Bypass

The project is for construction of a 13 km new road west of the city of Lilongwe starting from around the six (6) miles road block at Bunda Turn Off and joining the Mchinji road directly opposite the Kaunda road as part of the Nacala Corridor.  The project is estimated at MWK3, 175,594,450.00. The design review and supervision contract amounting to €729,803.07 was awarded to JBG Gauff of German in Association with David Consultants of Malawi.  Works contract tender was launched and tenders are expected in end of May 2012.   All compensation has been paid already, except for the end section where the road has been realigned. 

Blantyre – Zomba Road

Contractor                               :           Mota Engil of Protugal              
Contract Sum                          :           MK5, 444,901,295.90 (Works)
Consultant                               :           David Consulting Engineers (Malawi)
Consultant’s Contract Price    :           MK177, 870,000.00Project
Length                                     :           64 km
Commencement Date             :           March 2012
Performance Period                :           Months
Date for Completion               :           March 2014
Funding Agencies                   :           African Development Bank and Malawi Government
Implementing Ministry           :           Ministry of Transport and Public Infrastructure     
Implementing Agency                        :           Roads Authority

Description of the Project

The road project is targeting the 64 km section of M3, from Maselema Roundabout in Blantyre to Air Wing Turn Off in Zomba. This road section is the major connection between cities of   Blantyre and Zomba. The road was first constructed to bitumen standard during the colonial era, and it has gone beyond its 20 years design life. The routine and periodic maintenance done on the road are expensive but with little returns as the road condition has continued deteriorating. The road is also too narrow to safely accommodate the increasing two way traffic.
The edge breaking of the paved carriageway has continued to narrow the road width further to the extent that vehicles are now forced to run on the unsurfaced shoulders when passing each other in both directions. The project starts at the intersection of M3 and Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre at Maselema Roundabout, and runs north-eastwards passing through Njuli, Mbulumbuzi, and Namadzi to Zomba. It runs through a rolling terrain with mountains scattered along the road sides.
From the start point of the project in Blantyre City up to Kachere, there are a lot of obstacles for widening as the section is in a developed area. The road corridor is restricted to 24 m for the first 6 km, narrowing further to 13 m passing through Kachere settlement.
Beyond Kachere there are not many obstacles although developers have encroached into the road reserve area, but a corridor of 30m is achievable. The road corridor narrows again in Zomba City starting from Three Miles because of uncontrolled settlement. After crossing ( insert name of the river ) River the road corridor is restricted to 22 m up to Ndege Turn Off.

Project Objectives
The sector goal is to promote economic growth and poverty reduction through a coordinated transport environment that fosters a safe and competitive operation of commercially viable, financially sustainable and environmentally friendly transport services.
The specific objective of the project is to improve the quality of transport services on the Blantyre –Zomba road section and improve accessibility of the local communities to markets and social  servies thereby contributing to reduction  of poverty. This objective will be achieved through improvement of the road condition and safety by carrying out reconstruction  works, including improvement of horizontal and vertical  alignment where necessary. The objective will also be achieved  through   reduction of traffic   congestion on    the first 3.3 km in Blantyre City  from Maselema Roundabout to Maone Park Turn Off)  by widening it  from two to four  lanes. Similary, the  last 9.3 km in Zomba City from three Miles to Air Wing Turn Off will also be widened  to four lanes. The whole stretch of the road project will have sealed shoulders to accommodate the non-motorised traffic such as bicycles and pedestrians aimed at improving safety.

Project Components                          
The road works will comprise in-situ recycling of the existing surface, pavement layers and widening of the road. The widened road will then be overlaid with crushed stone base and a finishing of double surface dressing.
The drainage works will comprise the extension of existing culverts, construction of  five (5)  box culverts   and construction of  Namadzi bridge.  Other ancillary road works comprising the separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at Kachere, road signs and guard rails also form part of the project.

Funding Source
The project  is being funded jointly by the African Development Bank (MK5.97 billion) and Government of Malawi (MK3.35 billion) at an estimated  total cost of MK9.32 billion. This comprises MK5,444,901,295.90 for civil works, MK177,870,000 for design review and supervision services,   MK89,460,000.00  for feasibility studies   of the Ntcheu -Tsangano-Neno-Mwanza  road,  and MK3,607,768,704.1 for audit services, road safety , capacity building,   compensation/ resettlement,  environmental and  social management activities.

Project Status
The Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Studies for the road were done by a local consulting engineer - Henderson and Partners in 2009. The design review and pre-contract services were done by another local consultant, David Consulting Engineers, who will also supervise the works.  The contractor has mobilised to the site and started the execution of the works.

The project is for rehabilitation and periodic maintenance of 60 km road from Zomba to Limbe. It is estimated to cost MWK5, 444,901,295.90. The consultant is David Consulting Engineers at a contract sum of USD1, 078,000.00. The African Development Bank has approved that Mota-Engil should carry out the works as per his bid of MWK5, 444,901,295.90. The contract has been signed and guarantees and bonds are being processed. The contractor has started mobilization to site. Government plans to fund dualisation   of the end sections of the project.

On the Blantyre side, the dualisation will be from Maselema up to Chiradzulu turn off and on the Zomba side it is from 3 miles up to Ndege turn off. A request to single source Mota-Engil and David Consulting Engineers for dualisation works and consultancy services respectively is being forwarded to the ODPP for approval.   

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