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Strategic Plan and Objectives

The Purpose of the Roads Authority shall be to

1. Ensure that public roads are constructed, maintained or rehabilitated at all times

2. Advise the Minister and, where appropriate, the Minister responsible for Local Government on the preparation and the efficient and effective implementation of the annual national roads programme referred to in section 22 of the Roads Authority Act.

The Authority has a mission statement and vision that guides the implementation of it's strategic tasks.

Mission Statement
To develop and maintain the designated public road network infrastructure investment in a cost effective manner with a view to provide an accessible, reliable, efficient, safe, sustainable and most economic transport system in Malawi

By the year 2020 the Malawi designated public road network is developed and maintained to a standard where all motorised and non-motorised traffic can reach every society of the country in an adequate, safe, reliable, efficient, economic and environmentally friendly manner at all times of the year

To fulfill it's mission and realise it's Vision the Authority is guided by a Business and Strategic Plan that is reviewed from time to time. The current strategic objectives are:

  • Ensure accessibility on all designated roads through newly introduced Routine Term Maintenance Contracts which will initially run for one year.
  • Systematic rehabilitation of bitumen roads which have outlived their design life with the aim of reducing maintenance costs.
  • Connecting all district centres with bitumen roads.
  • Ensure timely implementation of periodic maintenance to prevent further deterioration of roads.
  • Construct new roads based on Malawi Government priorities as approved by Economic Planning and Development (EP & D) with funding from Donors.  Among other priority areas requiring such improved road infrastructure is tourism.
  • Using the Low Volume Sealed Roads Concept, reduce unpaved road network by gradually upgrading some unpaved roads to bitumen standard.  This will assist in reducing maintenance and vehicle operating costs.
  • Gradual replacement of timber-deck bridges with concrete decks with the aim of reducing maintenance costs and environmental degradation.



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