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Environment and Social Management

Environment considerations have become a central issue in the socio-economic development of any country. Whatever the development agenda any country is, it has to take into consideration the impact of such agenda or policy on the environment. The Roads Authority is committed to ensure that proper environmental management and endeavors to use the best practices in environment management.’ Established in 2003 through the support of the World Bank, the Unit is responsible for Environmental and Social Management of all projects executed by the Roads Authority. The Unit collaborates with the Environmental Management Task Force in promoting environmental planning and management in Road Infrastructure Development.
THE UNIT IS ALSO RESO is also responsible for:
  1. Development and updating the RA Environmental and Social Policy with regard road construction, maintenance and development;
  2. Develop and maintain Environmental Guidelines for use in the road sector development activities;
  3. Develop Health and Safety Guidelines for the Road Sector Development Activities in Malawi Processing Mining Licences for Quarries and Gravel Pits
  4. Prepare draft Environmental Impact Assessment terms of reference for road development activities in line with World Bank Safeguard policies;
  5. Reviewing Road infrastructure EIA documents and Engineering designs before commencement of civil and structural works;
  6. Screen tender documents and engineering designs for EIA applicability in collaboration with the
  7. Procurement Division; Monitoring the implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) by consultants and contractors in road infrastructure development;
  8. Developing Environmental and Social Management System for environmental and engineering activities in the Road sector;
  9. Development of Resettlement Policy Framework and outline Resettlement Action Plans;
  10. Develop Environmental and Social guidelines and procedures to be followed in case of resettlement and compensation for people affected by road construction activities.
  11. Develop RA HIV / AIDS policy and HIV Mainstreaming guidelines for use in road development activities, Conduct training in
  12. Environmental, Social, Assessment and Management for contractors, consultants and other stakeholders in the road sector.

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