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The Malawi Roads Authority (RA) is a quasi-government body which was established by an Act of Parliament in year 2006 with a mandate to ensure that public roads are constructed, maintained and rehabilitated at all times. All Public roads, which form the national road network are under the Ministry of Works and Public Infrastructure. The Minister has however delegated the duty of looking after the various classes of roads to various Road Agencies like the RA, District and Local Councils and others. RA looks after the Main, Secondary and Tertiary roads throughout the country. To better manage the road network, and respond to emergencies in good time, RA has demarcated the network along the Administrative Regions of the country and established an office to manage the network for the Region. RA has three Regional offices – in the North, South and Centre. Regional office North looks after all the network in the North of Malawi. Similarly, the Central and Southern Regional offices look after the network in their respective Regions while the Head office which is located centrally in Lilongwe deals with policy and strategy. This website has been established to publicize the activities of RA. It is a medium through which the general public, stakeholders, development partners, government etc.) are informed and updated on what is happening on the Malawi Road Network. It is hoped that the information found here is useful and informative. We have however, within the website, provided for a feedback mechanism from you, the visitors where you may suggest any improvements in terms of content and quality of information posted. You may also alert or suggest to RA ideas that may help to improve the network and make Malawi roads beautiful, reliable and safe. We hope you will have a good experience in visiting our site!. You can also find us on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Ensure that public roads are constructed, maintained or rehabilitated at all times;
  • and Advise the Minister and, where appropriate, the Minister responsible for Local Government on the preparation and the efficient and effective implementation of annual national roads programmes referred to in Section 22 of the Roads Authority Act.


To be the best Agency and Authority in the management of public road network


To develop and maintain the public road network infrastructure in a cost effective manner with a view to providing an accessible, reliable, efficient, safe, sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly transport system in Malawi through a highly motivated and professional team.

Core Values

  • Be driven by the need to perform effectively, efficiently and economically in the construction and maintenance of roads in Malawi;
  • Ensure that all work is carried out according to acceptable design standards and specifications;
  • Conduct its business in an open, transparent, accountable and competitive manner; Ensure optimum utilization of local resources;
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and road safety regulations; and
  • Assure its managers are given mandate to manage as partners to achieve its goals and hold them totally accountable for their actions

Board of Directors

Membership of the Board of Directors comprises ten members representing the private and public sectors who govern the Roads Authority. The Board defines the overall policy of the Authority and sets the general conditions for its operations. The members are from the Road Transport Operators Association, the Bus and Taxi Operators Association, the National Road Safety Council, a representative of the Local Government Association, two representatives from the National Construction Industry Council and two members of the public, representing the general interests of the public. The Secretary for Transport and Public Works and the Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development are ex-officio members. Each board member, other than the ex-officio members, has a three-year term. The Board of Directors elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman from amongst their number. .