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Road network coverage Based on information contained in the current Five Year Strategic Plan, The Public Road Network coverage by end June 2016 remained 15.451km out of which about 28% are paved and 72% is earth/gravel surface. Road re-classification studies done in 2016 identified about 9,478km of undesignated road network that serve the rural communities. The main, secondary and tertiary roads effectively make up the country’s core network, with remaining roads acting as feeder system. Road handles more than 70% on internal freight and 99 of passenger traffic Road transport handles more than 90% of international freight and passenger traffic It is due to this large volume of internal freight and passenger traffic that Malawi Government has given high priority to maintenance and construction of roads in Malawi. It is actually estimated that 55% of the costs of production are taken up by transportation costs in Malawi compared to 17% of other developing countries. The condition of paved road network as at June 2014 is 38% good, 40% fair and 22% poor.